Supplies delivered on the right time, the right ammount in the right place

Hospital Supply Chain Efficency

Cut hospital internal delivery time by as high as 75%

Smart Warehouse empower hospital optimize the process and cut time costs

Full medical supply traceability down to individual unit

RFID technology identify and track medical supplies or devices down to unit level. Hospital has full history where, when and which products where received and issued to patients

Optimize and reduce storage space

Most hospitals lack of space. Hospitals tend to chose overstock strategy because of time consuming replenishment and inventory management processes. AmberLink Smart Warehouse makes replenishment cycle very short and can be executed more frequently. This way hospitals can optimize stock levels while at the same time reduce space and capital investment into inventory. 

Process Automation

Automated inventory tracking

Automated process where no human resources are needed for tracking inventory movement across Smart Warehouses. Automatically track expiration dates and alert user about the items close to expiration.

Automated replenishment

Supply ordering takes significant ammount of time across variuos hospital departments including pharmacy, accounting, OR or other departments. Automated replenishement based on predifined hospital rules makes the replenishment orders automatically

Automated agreement mangament

System has full scale Tender management module where redemstion levels are tracked automatically based on inventory movement and replenishment.


Improve supply management process, boost your employee satisfaction and reduce stress

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