Hospital internal supply chain process discovery

Hospital's internal supply chain is a time consuming and costly process. By understanding the steps in the process, you can identify where time is being wasted and create better opportunities to streamline and optimize the flow of supplies throughout the hospital.

What are the benefits for the hospital?

  • Understand every step of your hospital's internal supply chain
  • Identify bottle necks and departmental bottlenecks 
  • Have time consumption process flow diagram


Get optimized hospital replensihment process

Implement innovative and optimized hospital replenishment process with direct delivery of medical supplies to designated point of use locations. New delivery process minimize the need for healthcare professionals to interact with suppliers or distribution centers and free your staff focus more on patients. 

As a result, patients are provided with faster and more reliable access to the necessary treatment, eliminating unnecessary wait times and reducing the potential for cross-contamination. Small incremental process improvements increase total hospital patient throughput and increase the revenue

Typical hospital process optimization steps

Contact us

Get in touch with us and schedule a meeting where we together put a discovery plan with all stakeholders


We conduct 2-4 week long in depth staff interviews and data discovery

Present results

At this stage we come back with audit results, identify strengths,  weaknesses, bottlenecks and present an optimized process


We will make  recommendation how you can  implement optimized process. If you wish we will also help you make them implement by providing solutions and management support

Start to learn about your hospital

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